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As Seen on TV (But Better) The national TV favorite and then some! (Improved Design)

Find out why more people are talking about the green mop.

You can CLEAN and stay GREEN with the only MOP that helps you save MONEY in less TIME.

THE GREEN MOP. A new revolution in cleaning your home. It's built to last longer because it's stronger. It has replaceable heads to save money and reduce landfill impact. It works with water so there's less pollution. You don't need to sweep so you're done in half the time. The extra attachments make it perfect for all sorts of tasks. Get one today to see how it can save you time and money!

Reasons people love the green mop by EZEE KLEEN:
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Save Money Designed for strength. Built to last. Our mop lasts up to 10 times longer than most of our competitors.

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Save Time No more sweeping. No more wringing. Our mop can clean a room in less than 2 minutes!

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Save The Environment No more harsh cleansers. No more chemicals. Our mop is specially designed to work with water.

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Get More Done No more hunting for the right tool. Our mop can extend to clean walls and ceilings or detach to clean doors and more.

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Add Ons Upgrade your mop and simplify your life.

Clean windows, scrub between tiles and remove shoe marks without damage.

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SQUEEGEE. Got water spots on your windows? One wipe from our squeegee add-on and you get crystal clear dry windows in an instant.

MOP BRUSH. Missing the dirt between tiles? Our mop brush add-on can reach between tiles and bricks for safe floors and sanitary surroundings.

SCOURING PAD. Got a nasty shoe mark on your floor? The scouring pad is designed to gently remove the toughest stains without damaging the floor.

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The Green Mop More about the best mop ever.

More about the mop.

The Green Mop by EzeeKleen is 58 inches in height, and has an adjustable powder coated steel handle. The Green Mop will sweep, wash, scrub, dry and pick up all the dust, and pet hair off of all of the floors in your home, in just minutes using warm water only as your cleaning solution, however if you would like to use cleaning solutions with the mop, we recomend you use eco-friendly ones. The mop head is made of very durable PVA material, which when not in use dries very hard to stop bacterial growth, this way the mophead will not smell, mold, or mildew with usage,more important it will not spread germs on the floors.

To use soak PVA material in warm water until the material softens, usually in a minute or so, when PVA material is softened,wring out excess water by pulling wringer, and use the mop in a sweeping motion towards you. When mophead is full of dust, a simple rinse in warm water and the mophead will be clean again.

The Green Mop by EzeeKleen comes with three attachments to make your cleaning easier.

  1. Scrub brush attachment for all rough tiles and deep and hard to scrub areas like the grout between the tiles.
  2. Scrubbing pad attachment for all smooth floor surfaces, including windows, and walls.
  3. Window squeege attachment for streak free windows.

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