Special Offer  //  Moms love the green mop!

Special Offer

We want to thank you for visiting our website. As you can see, we're offering you the best mop in the universe - now we'd like to offer you the best deal this side of Pluto.

We'll give you:

  • The Green Mop
  • The Squeegee Add-On
  • The Scrub Brush
  • The Scouring Pad

For only $29.99.

Shipped to :

That's over $40 in product for only $29.99. Of course, we love you too much to stop there. If you order today, we'll throw in an extra Mop Head Refill valued at $9.99.

That means you'll get everything, the Green Mop, the squeegee add-on, the scrub brush, the scouring pad and the extra replacement mop head, over $50 in product...

For only $29.99.

* Return Policy - All items are carefully inspected prior to shipping. All sales final. If you find manufacturing defect, we offer a 100% exchange policy. Just return the mop and we'll ship you out a new one. Have an awesome day!