Mop Benefits  //  Moms love the green mop!

You Save Money

Our mop costs less in the long run while helping the environment.

Our mop saves you money.

The green mop has a replaceable head that lasts longer than most mops. You spend less money and help the planet by creating less waste.

The green mop is built to last. Also, it's designed to work with water so you save money on cleaning products.

You Save Time

Our mop frees up your time for more important things - like your family.

Our mop saves you time for important things.

Hate sweeping before mopping? So do we! That's why we designed the green mop to sweep and mop at the same time.

The green mop picks up more dirt and washes more floor in less time. It's the perfect way to free up more of your day!

You Avoid Chemicals

Our mop works with water - safer for our planet or your children.

Our mop is safer for our planet or your children.

The green mop is designed to work with plain tap water. That way you protect our environment and your children from harmful chemicals. Also, you save money because you don't have to buy supermarket cleansers.

You Avoid Germs

Our mop is designed to killing more germs than other mops.

You Avoid Germs.

Sponge mops can hold water and provide a home for dangerous mould and mildew. In fact, most mops can harbor and breed dangerous bacteria that can make your family sick.

The green mop is designed to both prevent and kill germs by virtue of the way it dries - near solid and contracted.

You Get More

Our mop gives you more compared to the cheap knock off wannabe's.

Our mop gives you more.

Although there are copy cats, they can't compare to the green mop. From metal reinforcements to high grade plastic, we offer a home product that lasts longer.

Also, our company is different. We love our customers and have a passion for our product. We work hard to ensure you are satisfied and stand behind our product. Thanks for reading to the bottom of the page. We'd hate to think we wasted any keystrokes. Have an awesome wonderful fantastic day!